Minimalist design style.Illuminated mirror front.Aluminum frame.The USB port enables phone charging while using the mirror.Available in two colors.

A very beautiful round mirror that will stand out in any interior. The LED light ring in the front is surrounded by an aluminum loop. There is also a base that can be used for phone charging via a USB port. As the mirror is multifunctional, it can be used as a makeup and cosmetic lamp, as a desk lamp, or just as a bedroom decoration.


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D3041 – Normandy

A LED mirror with a collapsible stand, a classic, rectangular shape, and an elegant, minimalistic design. The NORMANDY mirror is equipped with LED lights on the outer mirror edge and can be easily hung on the wall or placed directly on the ground.


D8001 – Belgrade

A full-length mirror with a collapsible stand and an interesting shape. The BELGRADE mirror has LED lights, the luminous part on the edge of the internal side that makes this model adaptable to any space.


D3037 – Lisboa

A fitting mirror model with an outer frame that is made of rectangular aluminum with LED lights placed inside of the mirror. The model has a light switch, and a stand to support the bottom so it can be easily placed in any space.



A LED double-door mirror cabinet with an adjustable aluminum frame. It can be hanged or embedded on the wall. In addition, there are built-in USB sockets in the cabinet. The mirror’s front door is illuminated, and the lighting is very bright.



A model that comes with an adjustable aluminum frame. It can be embedded or hung on the wall. The mirror’s door front is illuminated, the cabinet has a built-in five-fold magnifying glass, and plenty of storage space inside the cabinet itself.



Mirror’s high light transmittance PMMA plastic frame is produced by the injection-molding process. The lamp has a main light and ambient light. The light through the plastic frame becomes very even and soft. The mirror is available in two shapes.



A hybrid model of a LED mirror and a LED alu mirror cabinet. The mirror has a top liner LED lamp and a separate hidden linear LED bar to light up the storage area. The model has an integrated wireless phone charging pot.



A mirror with an aluminum frame is hidden behind the mirror. A light strip is attached around the frame. A milky PU cover on top of the strip makes the LED dots invisible and the light more smooth. A variety of mirror shapes and styles are available.



Minimalist design style. The light is emitted through the high transmittance PMMA panel. The light source is hidden inside the plastic back panel, making it safer and more beautiful. The mirror comes in a square, or round shape.



Mirror with a simple and clean design that has an aluminum profile glued at the backside and a LED strip attached to the alu profile. Silicone on the LED strip makes the mirror safe and waterproof. The mirror’s shape and style can be adjusted and customized.


D1022 – Max

A dressing mirror model that will be a great addition to any bedroom or a boutique as it provides the full body image. The back of the mirror is perfectly functional, so the mirror can easily stand on the wall or floor.

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